Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sick Days

Being sick is no fun. Just ask Avi and Itai; this week they both have been sick.
Avi missed speech therapy at the end of the week and is still feeling really sick. He's been doing a lot of sleeping during the day and staying awake all night. He's been too tired to run laps around the house and too sick to go to primary or anywhere else. Itai is feeling better finally, but his nose is still really stuffed. But he's feeling good enough to get back to his usual mischief and even though Avi is too sick for his usual mischief he's found other things to do to make trouble. (There's a chunk of the cheese missing.)

The strange thing about Avi being sick is that he has been more vocal and reciprocal. We hate for him to be sick, but it's so nice to hear his voice and have him tell us what he wants and needs.

Oh and one last thing. Now that Itai is a big boy and is going to nursery he has a question: does anyone have a baby he could borrow? He just loves them! Until he gets one this Elmo will have to do.


Tiff :o) said...

They look so miserable in the first pictures. :o( I hope they get back to 100% real soon. I iwsh I had a baby for Itai to borrow but that just isn't so. The Elmo looks like a good (lightweight) stand in. I had no idea his teeth had gotten so big!!

Valerie said...

Poor guys! And it sounds like it wasnt easy on you or Debbie either with them waking up in the middle of the night. Hope they're feeling better now.

Stella Andes said...

Oh, poor little fellas! It's good to hear that Itai is improving, and I hope both will soon be on the mend completely. Little cuties!

Terry Family said...

Poor Itai looks like he feels miserable in that first picture. :( Having sick kids, although very difficult and strenous, can also feel nice sometimes because of all the hugs, loves, and sweet moments that you can get with boys that are usually so active. I hope everyone starts feeling better and gets back to their regular mischief (although the chunk out of the cheese was pretty great).

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