Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're Are Pioneers!

Avi's school went to This is the Place Heritage Park and we were able to go with them. Itai was unbelievably excited. There was a very long wait in the hot sun at the beginning was enough to try both boys' patience. After we were finally allowed to enter the park both boys perked right back up. After going through old buildings and getting a demonstration from a fairly grumpy pioneer the excitement started to fade again. Lucky for us, this train happened by. Itai was in train heaven. Avi was happy to get a break. We took the train all the way around the park and it still wasn't enough for either of them, but we had other plans ahead for them.

Once we got close to the horses Itai forgot all about the train. Avi was excited too. Itai insisted on wearing his "cowboy hat" while he rode his trusty steed. Avi wasn't as interested in what he wore, he was more interested in sitting on top of the horse. He was ready to climb on and get going immediately.
After the very short ride we went over to the petting zoo. Avi was happy to touch all the animals, except the pig. I can't blame him, the pig felt nasty. Itai on the other hand didn't touch a single one. His arms were pinned to his chest and he loudly refused to be let down on the ground.

Then it was back on the tour and into the heat. Avi's wrist band was a bit of an annoyance to him. It eventually became an ankle band.

Itai enjoyed his freedom and wondered around wanting to stay with us and the class, but wanting space to be on his own.

We continued the tour for some time, but once Avi leaped onto an authentic pioneer bed and earned us terrified gasps from the pioneer woman "living" in the cabin I thought it was probably time to leave.

We hopped the train around the park again.

We even got to board the caboose after a bit. When it arrived at the exit we headed for the car with very little complaining, mostly because they were both too hot and thirsty to put up any big fight.

We'll have to go back and try the panning for gold, the "pirate ship," and the Native American village. Hopefully next time Avi will be a little more into it, and I will be smart enough to bring a real camera and a lot of water!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Talk of the Town

Itai's favorite role now is that of spokesperson. He nearly never stops talking. He even talks in his sleep! The other day we were all in the car and he was carrying on his comprehensive narrative of our surroundings. Debbie and I were trying to discuss something and she turned and said, "Itai, shhh!"

He didn't wait long before saying, "Why? I need to talk!" We laughed pretty hard and he said it a few more times before returning to his regularly scheduled description of everything he could see.

Here is his list of favorite phrases:

Leave me alone! (I am not a big fan of this one.)


I really missed you!

What's your name?

Thank you, mommy/abba!

I not need to!

Not yet! (This one is in response to being asked to do anything.)

Where his/her friends?

It's like just me/Avi!

Happy birthday ____! Even though it isn't the person's birthday.

And his favorite silly thing to say: What are you talking about!?

He really is quite a talker. He loves making videos to send to Debbie while she's at work. In one video he wanted to say, "I love you mommy!" We made the video and he was so happy to see it. He instantly wanted to make another one. This time though he decided to change things up a bit. He surprised me by announcing, "I love donuts! I love donuts!"

Our little brother makes sure that things are always exciting.
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