Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oh, Avi

GYesI once told Debbie that parenting Avi is sometimes mostly about just keeping him alive. While he doesn't really get into life threatening situations often, he does has an uncanny knack for getting into trouble! 

Last year he got a popcorn kernel stuck in his ear.  Two weeks ago I found another popcorn kernel in his ear. It came out during a struggle with the doctor. Unfortunately, there was another kernel deeper that wouldn't come out. Back to the hospital for Avi.
This week we took advantage of the weather and went to the park. We played a bunch of different games and Avi was running everywhere.  Itai and I finished off our play time with some basketball. When the ball got away from us, Avi three it vack. 

We finished up and I called to Avi, who was now on the top of the playground. He took one step towards us and stopped. Then he looked at me without moving or talking. I knew something was up and headed toward him. Guess what I found...
Yep. My kiddo had become part of the playground equipment. I tried to get him out of there but couldn't. I couldn't leave him, and couldn't send Itai home alone. I was almost as stuck as Avi. I thought about calling 911, but decided to try something else. Every time I moved Avi's finger he winced with pain, so I had to be gentle. Poor kid. I had to get spit all over his finger and slowly pull his hand away. Gross but effective. Sigh.
Good thing he's so darn precious!
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