Monday, June 18, 2012

A Super Star to Me!

The Kick-Off event for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks was earlier this week.  The theme was Autism's Super Stars and several people with autism were to be recognized for their achievements.  I was asked to read something about Avi's recent potty training success.  Unfortunately, at the last minute they told me that they didn't get it to the printer in time; I would not be bragging about Avi at the event.

So, I decided that I would still brag about him even if the forum is different and the audience is much, much smaller.  Here's what I would have read:

There's nothing like a discussion on potty training to tie a man's tongue.  The balance between discussing the topic delicately but without using "unmanly" words is difficult.  Normally, words like poopy or doodie simply will not do.  But for the sake of celebrating Avi's successes I will lay aside my use of strictly manly words. 

Teaching Avi to pee in the potty was probably not much more difficult than the average potty training, though perhaps a little later.  He quickly learned that when asked, that's what he should and where he should go.  Unfortunately he learned to wait until reminded to go. Any lapse in our memory resulted in his waiting too long and having an accident. And that's where it sat for nearly three years.  Suddenly a few months ago he had an epiphany: he could open the door whenever he needed and just go.  Yes!! No more keeping an internal log of his potty breaks, no more worries about being out and about.  It meant relief for both of us.

BM's are another matter all together. I will do what I can to sanitize this portion.  Avi was horribly irregular.  His BMs were completely unpredictable and caused him a great deal of anxiety.  Finally, a few months ago, we followed advice to make his BMs very predictable by loading the poor kid up with fiber. Though it increased our anxiety but it seriously lowered his.  This method proved successful.  After a few attempts his toilet anxiety disappeared!! He is now very regular on his own and though we do have to remind him I feel confident that like peeing he will learn to take care of this need on his own.

In the early days of our work on potty training with him we noticed only slow progress, if we noticed any at all.  But progress was made.  So it is with many challenges.  In any struggle, the victory is won in the moments that when the victory seems furthest away.

Avi has finally won this victory and will always be a super star to me!

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