Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There Once Was a Blog

The last two semesters have been pretty difficult.  I've been pretty busy and our best working computer got water poured all over it suddenly didn't work anymore.  I haven't blogged in a very long time and the way the summer is shaping up, I might not get many chances in the near future to blog.  So, I thought I'd take the chance to jot down a quick sketch of the last little while.

Avi is doing pretty well lately.  He is speaking more and he's starting to use his augmentative and alternative communication devices more and more.  He has finally completely mastered the toilet.  He's initiating his use and I can't begin to tell you how proud (and HAPPY) that makes me.  His speech therapist has been training an intern, Chris, the last few months and Chris had his last session with Avi this week.  When Chris left he said he can see how Avi has made huge improvements in just the time they have worked together.  I love hearing things like that, but I really love seeing it myself.

I think the biggest change to report is that Avi is really happy.  He is so happy.  He's always been really happy, but he seems more connected to us and that seems to make him even happier.  He is laughing and giggling all the time and really exploring his environment, his family and his ability to express himself.

Itai is growing and changing all the time.  He is our inquisitor.  He never stops asking questions.  "Why is the sky blue?  Why is her name Jessica?  Who is that?  Why does the sidewalk sometimes hurt us?" and on and on.  When he isn't asking questions he's telling us elaborate stories or explaining something.  Debbie's mom reports that he is a mini Debbie, because Debbie never stopped talking at that age.  Recently we were driving in the car and he starting saying something I couldn't understand.  I asked him what he was saying and he said, "Nothing, I was just trying to help Avi say something."  I loved hearing that.  He is as sweet as they come.

He is completely obsessed with superheroes right now.  He loves Batman and Ironman (even though I tried to convince him they aren't really superheroes), Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and pretty much anyone else with a cape.  He is always saying, "I am Optimus Prime!  Autobots...ROLL OUT!"  I told him that I was Abbatron and he was Itaimus Prime, but he didn't seem to like this change.  Buzz Lightyear has recently made a big comeback and in Itai's mind is a superhero.

Debbie is busy as usual only now with her new job.  She is really enjoying it and they have given Debbie very positive feedback about her performance.  She is also very happy to have the chance to be home a little bit more lately.  She loves getting to be mommy.  Debbie is also really looking forward to some vacation time.

Finally, we finally got some family photos done.  These are actually the first family pictures we have ever done!  Enjoy!
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