Sunday, July 25, 2010


Being a brother can be tricky sometimes. It can be difficult to be a best friend and nemesis all rolled up in one. One brother may want to run while the other wants to sit and relax. So sometimes you just have to split up and try things out for yourself.

Itai decided that he would try one of Avi's old tricks, the "self-portrait." And since Itai is terrified of fireworks Avi had to check out the neighborhood firework show all on his own. (He really liked it.)
While Avi was busy with that, Itai found this car to be his speed. He loved it.
But Itai wasn't the only one looking for a ride. Avi found this Pontiac Powerwheel to be more of his speed. This nice stranger in a blue hat was kind enough to pick up a hitch hiker.
Avi may feel like playing ring-around-the-rosieWhile Itai might want to take a break and listen to his favorite music.
One brother may take an adventurous approach...
And the other may try a more cautious method.Even though brothers may have a lot going on and may have separate interests they always come back together for one reason: love.
Yeah, brotherly love.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Cool For (Pre)School

You know the jocks at the cool table at your high school cafeteria? Yeah, cooler than that.

You know those middle aged guys in their convertibles with those sweet leather driving gloves? Waaaaaay cooler than that!

You know those kids on the Disney channel and all over the radio. So much cooler than that!

And the kids with those "non-conformist" star tattoos? And those guys who walk around with their guitars slung over their shoulders? Cooler than both combined!
That's right, Itai is cooler than cool.

"Oooohhhh yeah!"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're Still Here, Somewhere

Ok, so life is hectic right now. School is giving me a pretty good beating and the assignments seem to never stop pouring in. The good news is that I was sick last week and had to take of a couple of days from school. Yeah, I was throwing up, but I wasn't in class!

Debbie had a birthday and the boys love birthdays. After my class and Avi and Itai were both home we decided to go buy mommy a present. The boys are BIG spenders and got to buy any one item from the dollar store for her. We walked around for a little bit before Itai found something he was interested in, an Elmo book. What could be a better present? Well, a few minutes later he found it: a baby!

I kept telling him we had to give it to mommy and not keep it for ourselves. He promised several times he wouldn't keep it, but top secret intelligence has found these pictures.


Avi found a lovely feather boa for her present. Everyone loves a beautiful sensory experience like wearing a boa, right? I'd show you a picture of the boa, but it turns out dollar store boas and two toddlers don't mix well.

So, Itai has obviously been playing with his baby lately, but what about Avi? He's been busy too. First off, since Itai made his ad for Cheetos he wanted to try his hand at product endorsement. He says, "Wow! You better eat your Wheaties." He's also found a few new obsessions. His latest is this little puzzle. We've had it for ages, but he recently decided to take it on as an obsession. He loves the ambulance, just don't try to take the piece out.He also found this little gadget. He's been working on toy play at preschool and is finally playing with toys. Yay! He really likes this one.Oh and these ones. There's a whole toy box in front of him that will eventually be on top of him.

And don't forget his artistic endeavors. Here is an example of his early work in the cabinet medium. That's right, he decided to decorate our cabinets with PERMANENT marker! Luckily, it wiped off pretty easily.Last but not least, Itai has moved out of the room he shares with Avi. His new room is a bit smaller, but it provides him with the privacy he craves. Don't call Child Protective Services...seriously, he has a bed still.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Haven't I a Son?

When you talk of your child,
And tell me what he's done,
And talk gives way to silence
Haven't I a son?

When I see yours with others,
As they play and jump and run,
While my own sits all alone
Haven't I a son?

When I see your family
Engaged in children's fun
While my own must do his work,
Haven't I a son?

When you talk of youth in progress
Though my son's has scarcely begun,
I sink inside my self to wonder
"Haven't I a son?"

I hear you tell his troubles
As if he's the only one.
My heart aches as it cries,
"Haven't I a son?"

When you wait for my reply,
But silence can only stun.
These words are stuck within my mouth:
Haven't I a son?

And when the weight of truth
Presses me like a ton
I sit alone at night to cry,
"Haven't I a son?"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

This summer has been a really busy semester. I've been much busier than I would have liked. I have lots of homework and papers and a ridiculous amount of reading. So, with all this busy work I've had to cut out some minor, insignificant things around the house. First to go, vacuuming. Itai has been enrolled to pick up the slack.
"Mom, he's making me clean again!"At least he's figured out a way to make the best out of the slave labor situation. I just wish I had thought of that.What else has gone? Well, you save so much time when you don't dress your children. It's so convenient! You also save a lot of time when you don't bother putting any lunch together. Besides, they can fend for themselves. Avi has discovered his own food supply.Itai has begun refining his culinary skills as well. Take one pot, add fish. Stir until even smashed and serve immediately.And enjoy!
Don't forget dessert. Here's a quick recipe: take one package of sprinkles, carefully coat entire floor and throw one tantrum when removed from mess. Add one broom and a little assistant with a swiffer.
Does he seem upset by the mess? He really wasn't until I started sweeping.
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