Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Cool For (Pre)School

You know the jocks at the cool table at your high school cafeteria? Yeah, cooler than that.

You know those middle aged guys in their convertibles with those sweet leather driving gloves? Waaaaaay cooler than that!

You know those kids on the Disney channel and all over the radio. So much cooler than that!

And the kids with those "non-conformist" star tattoos? And those guys who walk around with their guitars slung over their shoulders? Cooler than both combined!
That's right, Itai is cooler than cool.

"Oooohhhh yeah!"


Valerie said...

So cute! And I love your clever captions. I have been so bad at blogging and just can't seem to think of anything to post.

Tiff :o) said...

Such cute pictures! He sure does look kike he's saying "oh yeah" in the last pic.

Stella Andes said...

I love the pictures! You are cool parents to let him wear his sunglasses at the table. (I would probably have been that cool too.)

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