Friday, May 29, 2009

We enrolled Avi in a preschool down the street from our house. He absolutely loves it there. The teachers have been really good with him and he comes home with the cutest projects.
The other day he brought home a milk carton full of dirt and seeds that Avi planted. When we left for Las Vegas Debbie considered throwing it out because nothing was growing. When we came home it looked like this! Its huge. I showed it to Avi and he said, "What is it?" :) I told him it was a plant, but I'm not sure he knew what that meant.
The last day of the school year was Thursday and they had a presentation for the parents. Avi was so tired taht he laid down on the play mat and didn't move. He eventually ended up sitting up next to another boy and saying, "Hi" before putting his head on him.
They sang songs and showed us how they spent the day. Avi didn't participate very much but he was happy to be with his friends at class.

Viva Las Vegas

Monday we drove to Las Vegas to see Avi's homeopathic doctor. I think Itai will be happy never to see the car again! It was a bit too long to go without crawling and without being held. Avi LOVED it. He kept looking out the window and smiling and laughing. He loved labeling everything he saw, cars, trucks, signs whatever he could find out in the Nevada desert. We thought Avi would love the hotel, but when we got in he said very sadly, "Stoller! Home!"

It didn't take him very long to warm up to the idea of the hotel (especially once he saw Itai's bed/jungle gym). We had grand plans to see a zoo, an aquarium and a lion den. Sadly though, after a day of driving we stayed at the hotel and tried to get some sleep.
We never did get to any of our planned destinations, but that does give us a goal for next time. We did achieve some goals while we were there though. Itai found out that he loves rice. He sat at the table with a pile of rice and devoured it. He could have kept eating rice all day. He also discovered that when he's not eating rice, spoons make very good toys. Avi learned that shapes exist beyond his flash cards, he found polka dots, cirlces, triangles and rectangles in the shower, the cups, signs, phones, and everything he saw.
All and all, it was a busy but fun trip!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Croupy Week!

Poor Avi started getting sick last weekend and it only got worse as the week started. He was weak, coughing and his nose was constantly running prompting regular shouts of "Tissue!" or "Wipe!"

He also couldn't stay awake for very long. He was constantly rubbing his eyes or falling asleep. Sadly he missed preschool for two days, but got back to school and really loves it.

Once he got feeling better Itai got really sick. His cough got really croupy and he would cry out in his sleep miserably! Every time we got him out of his bed his nose was completely covered so much that he had to breathe through his mouth. He was so miserable.

After a week of almost nonstop humidifier use and steam rooms we hope we're seeing the end of this croupy week!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Times of Change

May has come with lots of changes! Not only is the sun (finally!) shining, but our two little boys are growing and changing. Avi started two different preschools and even gets to ride the bus without us twice a week. He visited his new dentist for the first time and is seeing a new doctor! Wow. He's loving preschool and comes home everyday with homework and projects he created in class.

Itai isn't minding Avi's preschool time even though he LOVES following his big brother around. He's just happy to have some one on one time, even if he is napping for most of it. This little guy has packed on the pounds! He's climbing up the growth chart and doesn't look a thing like the tiny baby he used to be. This month has brought some big changes for him too. He has two teeth now and has learned to crawl up on his knees (he's still perfecting that move) and he has fallen in love with his walker! I can't believe how quickly he's grown. :)
At the beginning of the month we participated in the Walk Now for Autism. We weren't sure what to expect from our first walk, but we loved it. We can't wait for next year! We've been discussing next year's team name, and logo and how to get more people involved with us. It was a lot of fun and really amazing to see the support. We'd like to get a large group together for Avi and for the picture! We discovered that Avi loves those giant blow up slides, but HATES blow up jump houses. At least we know not to book one for his next birthday party. :)
We're really excited for Spring and good weather! They've begun work on the pool in our complex, but it won't be ready any time soon so we found our own pool and can't wait for warm enough weather to fill it up and jump in!
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