Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Ima

Dear Ima, We miss you a lot since you flew away on the "Georgia plane." We know you miss us too, but we know you'll be home soon. In the mean time, here's a peak at what we've been doing since you left.

Disneyland was great!

Just kidding!!

We spent a chilly, windy afternoon at the park.

We got in a little toy time.

We made some yummy cookies (but they won't last until you get home!) and tried them out.Can you believe I lobbied at the State Capitol? Our State Representative promised me to help fund Avi's scholarship! I'm such a good little brother.

If you're worried about how things are going here, don't. Abba has everything under control.

Well...almost everything.

Bath time gets a little bit crazy.

We get pretty worn out.

We can't wait until you come back!



and Itai

Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Words That Made My Night

Before our children were born Debbie told me she wanted them to call her ema and me abba (Hebrew for mom and dad.) This suggestion was met with resistance. She told me she had always pictured her children using these names. I remember thinking to myself that I had always pictured my children calling me dad.

I had a conversation about this with Debbie's mom. She told me when her grandchildren started calling her "Savta" she was disappointed. It wasn't the name she always hoped to hear coming from the little mouths of her grandchildren. Then she thought about it and decided, "Who in Utah gets to be called Savta?" The truth is, there can't be that many Savtas around here. (She's full of wisdom like that.)
So I decided that Utah is full of dads and daddies, but there aren't very many abbas. The title suits me just fine now. In fact, when Debbie told me that Avi, a man of few words, looked around the house tonight and said, "Want Abba," it made my night.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Photography Class

I had hoped to share pictures of the Face of Autism exhibit that Avi participated in, but we haven't yet received our copies of the photos. Stay tuned for photos (hopefully) in the near future.

Instead, here are some less interesting photos. :)

My first two assignments for my photography class were to take a photo of one object with a shallow field of focus and another photo of the same object with a deep field of focus. Here was my submission. I think one thing I've learned from this class is that I am not destined for photographic excellence!
Our second assignment was to take a picture of an object in motion using a fast shutter and another picture using a slower shutter. This one turned out to be a lot harder because the camera wanted to take control of the focus and it was difficult to match the exposures.

I owe an very special thanks to my awesome sister Valerie for letting me use her fancy smancy camera for this assignment! If it weren't for here I think this would have been a major challenge.
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