Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Croupy Week!

Poor Avi started getting sick last weekend and it only got worse as the week started. He was weak, coughing and his nose was constantly running prompting regular shouts of "Tissue!" or "Wipe!"

He also couldn't stay awake for very long. He was constantly rubbing his eyes or falling asleep. Sadly he missed preschool for two days, but got back to school and really loves it.

Once he got feeling better Itai got really sick. His cough got really croupy and he would cry out in his sleep miserably! Every time we got him out of his bed his nose was completely covered so much that he had to breathe through his mouth. He was so miserable.

After a week of almost nonstop humidifier use and steam rooms we hope we're seeing the end of this croupy week!

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