Friday, January 22, 2010

Brownie Hunting

Avi and Itai truly have the Andes genes. Debbie woke me up this afternoon so she could head off to work for a few hours before I went back in to the hospital. We spoke for a few minutes and I suddenly noticed the smell of brownies floating around the house. Yum! I have always had a sweet tooth, something that I think most of my family shared. Today the boys proved they too loves sweets.

While Debbie finished getting ready for work I took the brownies out and set them on the stove top to cool. While they cooled I got some lunch (which was breakfast for me) for us. Avi noticed the brownies but I told them they were for tonight and not to touch them. after lunch we were all playing in the front room until Avi disappeared. He came back with a wide grin and chocolate all over his lips. Hmmmm. Where could this chocolate have come from? He couldn't possibly have reached the brownies could he? I decided to follow him the next time he disappeared.

My investigative skill showed this shocking behavior:

Getting into position

Successful brownie caper (complete with Elmo underwear)

Eventually I decided to spare him the climbing and just cut a small piece for Avi and Itai. This is where Itai showed his genes too. Avi ate most of his, but in his typical fashion, left a little on his plate to come back and pick at later. Once Itai finished his piece and got out of his high chair he immediately hoped in Avi's chair. Within a matter of seconds Avi's food storage was devoured.

Itai, do you feel guilty about stealing brownies? Oh, you've stolen a bowl of something else, huh? I guess that's no.


Tiff :o) said...

Now that's the kind of hunting I can get in to!

Stella Andes said...

I love it! How funny!

Valerie said...

Avi is strong!

We had brownies (low-fat) last night and even Robin ate them. But I doubt he'll ever come over to the Andes-side of sweets--craving and hunting.

Terry Family said...

I swear, kids have super powers when it comes to accessing sweets! By the way, I love the Elmo underwear.

Us said...

Valerie, how do you think you'll lure him into sweets if you give him the low fat stuff? :)

Terry Fam, Itai knows that Avi is getting to the sweets and is getting mad that he can't reach. And the Elmo underwear, who wouldn't love it?! :)

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