Saturday, January 2, 2010

Duck, Duck, Snowman

Days like today make up for nights like last night. Once Itai and I were both finally awake we needed something fun to do. What to do on a tight budget with a limited amount of time? The duck pond of course! The apartment complex right next to us has a duck pond, but we've never gone before. The Andes men made the long and perilous trek through the snow to visit the ducks. I figured they'd be hungry; it's winter and who feeds ducks in the snow? We were mobbed by ducks! They were starving and knew exactly what we were doing there. Avi was so excited. He yelled, "See water!" Then once the ducks came after us he shouted, "Ah see ducks!" (For some reason his I has become an ah.) Itai was also excited, but once they started crowding us he was a little less certain. He held tightly to the seam of my pants most of the time we were there.

One of the big whited ducks was very interested in Avi's hands. It looked at Avi's fingers as though they were made of bread. I had to scare it away from Avi more than once. Avi didn't care though, he loved being so close to them. He started singing the quack quack song from The Wiggles. Itai eventually warmed up to the ducks and started waving to them, but by then it was time to wave goodbye.

We got home from the duck pond, but the boys weren't ready to go in yet. Since the sun was shining neither was I. So now we needed something else to do. Avi and Itai came up with the solution this time. There is a huge mound of snow in front of our door and both boys have been slowly picking or poking at it. It was time to let them dig in. We brought out the beach bucket and they went at it. After plying with the snow for a bit I decided to build a snowman. This is the first time since I was young that I built one. My skills have fallen off a bit, but it still more or less looks like a snowman. Avi was happy to help and Itai was happy to give a skeptical eye to the whole process. While I was making it though, Avi and Itai became fascinated by some kids on their bicycles. It's hard losing out to a couple of 12 year olds! Oh well, eventually they left and I was cool enough to look at again. Avi was happy to add the arm...or poke at it with a stick.

Here is the finished product. So it's not exactly a classic, but it's a beginning. Itai knows that no snowman is complete until they get a kiss.

I'm a little late, but here are a few Christmas photos. Thanks to both sides for sharing the holiday with us and for spoiling our guys.

Avi modeling a few layers of his new clothes. Thanks again everyone.

Itai in his new "work for present program."

The brothers at brunch. I'm not sure what Avi sees that is making him so surprised/excited.

Itai showing some Christmas cheer.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Looks like you guys had fun! The kids at school always ask me to help make snowmen... I have no talent for it. Love the pics! You have stinkin' cute boys!

Tiff :o) said...

I think it was a fine snowman. :o) If an animal almost as big as me was following me, I would be pretty scared. Avi's very brave! Itai's new work for present project seeemed to work to his advantage.

Stella Andes said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the one of Itai kissing the snowman. It's really a cute and expressive snowman, and they (and you) did a wonderful job.

Those ducks -- wow, so many of them! It would be intimidating for sure!

Us said...

Heather, thanks. I agree, they are cute! Next time I make a snowman I'm going to use gloves...or socks on my hands.

Tiffany, it doesn't compare to your family's artistry! Avi was brave. I was just afraid that one would bite him and ruin it for him. Luckily they didn't attack.

Mom, Itai just loves all people, even if they are made out of snow. I doubt he'll kiss another snowman though, his reward was a cold face. Those ducks can be bullies when their hungry and they really were!

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