Saturday, January 16, 2010


Itai has become quite a little character. He is constantly trying something new. One of his latest accomplishments was learning to climb onto the dinning room chairs. He's been interested in this for a while, mainly because that is where the food is, but also because he's developed a bit of hero worship with Avi. If Avi is doing it then Itai is studying how it's done, trying it or doing it. So after a few days of trying to get on the chair he made it. His reward? Avi's chicken leg. Avi had taken a few bites then decided he'd rather run around for a while than sit and eat it. Itai on the other hand decided that since this was his first chicken leg he should eat it all the way down to the bone. He barely left a scrap of meat on it. He have rock climbing in his future, he has found a way to climb his high chair and the shoe rack/bench and he has his sights set on climbing out of his crib (help!).

And if you're wondering if the chair is broken or if it's an optical illusion ask Avi what happened.

Itai also likes a nice clean nose. If he's given a tissue he'll wipe his little nose and hand the tissue back to you so he can continue playing without what Debbie calls "snotters." I mentioned the hero worship. Since Avi is a big boy and sits on the potty Itai naturally needs to do it too. Of course, he's wearing his diaper and normally sits for just a second or will sit to read he has to have his turn after Avi. And since he is so hygienic he also has to wash his hands after, or at least stand on the step stool. Oh, and a crib is cool but a toddler bed, Avi's toddler bed, is much cooler. As soon as he's out of the bath Itai runs as fast as he can to climb in while it's safe. Since this place is one of the best places in the house he really puts up a fight when forced to leave.

If you're worried that he's changing too much, don't worry. He still maintains some of his former favorites.

Like making a mess.

Like counting wipes to make sure we have enough

Or rearranging the kitchen.

Or making sure our hand towels are evenly distributed


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Cute blog about an even cuter boy! How fun!!!

Tiff :o) said...

He looks so proud!!!

Stella Andes said...

He's so cute and so funny! He's really growing up way fast! I love that Avi and Itai adore each other so much! You and Debbie are great parents, too.

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