Sunday, January 3, 2010

What It's Like to Be Loved

It happened again. Another person was so impressed with my persona, so overcome with loving emotion that they had to let me know it.

Visitor at church: "What do you do working nights?"
Me: "I work at the hospital in Provo."
Visitor: (With huge smile and a laugh) You have the look of a med tech, all tired and beat down!"
Me: :(

I'm declaring tomorrow a national holiday, Be Nice to Jared Day. If you can't muster up a compliment at least say my head is nicely shaped or a good reflector or maybe just stare at my "tired, beat-down-ness" in silence. Ok, well maybe I'll just stay inside tomorrow.


Tiff :o) said...

Poor Jared. You were always a great "big" brother to me, protecting me from aliens and the armagedden, and letting me tagalong and play baseball with your friends.

Us said...

Thanks Tiffany. Now, it's your turn to come and protect me from the big mean bullies. :) I never thought of it as letting you tag along. You were always one of the gang.

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