Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight Loss Secrets

Who needs an expensive meal plan or fad diets? Those things are obsolete with the newest diet craze: eat 20% less. How can you accomplish this? It's easy, two little boys will each eat 10% of everything you try to put in your mouth. Simply try to open any package that crinkles, crunches or crackles and two boys will appear to take their share. You'll be left with 80% of what you would have eaten. Simple right?

But you can also get rid of that expensive gym membership, home equipment and personal trainer. How? Those same two boys will line up and patiently to be lifted or tossed into the air...repeatedly. The beauty of the system is that as you lose weight they gain! This increases the workout each time. Now all you need is a good chiropractor or some really good back pain medicine.

What to do when one hand is busy holding a fork and the other is holding your roll? This!

Thinking about eating brownies? No way! You'll never get them past these two.

You wanted this cookie? Plpppppppp! (that's a raspberry sound if you couldn't tell.)

Have you ever seen such a love of food?


Stella Andes said...

So cute! Avi and Itai are growing fast! I love Itai's solution to the full-hands dilemma. Handsome boys!

Tiff :o) said...

I too use the same food system. Each dog gets a share of what's on my plate...and we go running/walking every day. So far that doesn't seem to help. I'm glad it's working for you though. ;o) I wish someone could pick me up and throw me and catch me...that looks fun!

Us said...

I was once picked up during a neighborhood football game. It hurt. I bet being caught wouldn't be much better. We could do the catapult thing at Laggoon next time you come though. That's pretty close.

Mom, you're right; they are handsome!

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