Wednesday, December 30, 2009

High Fashion

I mentioned in the previous post that I was snow bound. What I didn't mention is that we were stuck in the house because when we went outside Avi said, "Too cold," walked inside and closed the door after himself. So that concluded our days outdoor activities. I really didn't feel like driving around in the snowy mess outside and was really enjoying the laid back vacation I've been having so we stayed inside. The only problem? Two bored toddlers and a grown man who should never be left with his imagination and no adult supervision create situations like this:

Why are they wearing immodest evening gowns you ask? Avi thought so too. He was saying, "I'm princess!" :) He cracks me up. Itai was not so happy, he wanted to wear the green one and was furious I made him wear the tacky blue one. So what was I going for? A toga party of course! I have to say, for having only one safety pin and no experience the togas look awesome. Ok, ok, so I'm not the most creative or fashionable guy out there, but I think my little Romans looked so cute! Itai fell asleep almost immediately after his picture. I guess it was a result of the trauma of being dressed up in a blue toga/princess dress.

Itai, what did you think of the toga?

If you're wondering where my toga is you should know that I'm kind enough not to subject either them or you to that. Besides, we don't have any nice, shiny blankets in my size. :)


Tiff :o) said...

lol...that is so funny what Avi said. I think I like Itai's ensemble a little better. The one sholder draped over like a half jacket is a nice touch...and the flowing train. ;o)

Stella Andes said...

Thanks for making me laugh! Did you have your toga party at home?

Us said...

Tiffany, that's funny; Itai certainly didn't think so. He wanted to wear Avi's so bad. Avi says the funniest things sometimes. I wonder where he gets these things from and how long he's had them stored up there. Mom, yeah we stayed home to play togas. It was actually inspired by Avi walking around with his blanket wrapped around his waist and Itai trying to pull it off of him.

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