Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After Debbie read the last post she said it made it seem like she didn't do anything around the house. I am, therefore, issuing a public statement to correct any misperceptions about the amount of house work done by Debbie. She is the only reason we have a clean shower and clean toilets. She does most of the organizing of this mess, all of the best cooking and everything in between. I hope no one misunderstood my post as an indictment against Debbie. It was merely the ramblings of a bald, rotund, snow bound man.

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Valerie said...

Sorry she felt like that. I'm sure that with you working and going to school, she has plenty of days exactly like that when she is at, cleaning, and no one can even tell 2 seconds later how much work she did. It's great how you both work together on everything.

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