Friday, December 18, 2009

More Potty Time

Avi continues to make progress on potty training. He still struggles with going number two (it's just not natural for a grown man to say that!) but he has started saying need go potty or want Elmo potty. So yay Avi!

This story comes from Itai. Avi decided to try the toilet instead of his little potty. Itai is very curious about this whole potty thing. He followed Avi in. Before I could stop him he harassed Avi off the toilet and began splashing happily in the water. I came running in and closed the toilet lid and washed Itai's hands. While I was washing his hands Avi jumped up and said, "What happen?"

I look in his potty and see that he had peed. So we clean it out, flush the toilet and wash his hands. As we leave the bathroom Itai is waiting. I kneel down and give him a little kiss. He smiles at me and then pokes at my eye. I give an over exaggerated ow! He laughs and then pokes his finger in my mouth. I start play chewing on it when suddenly I think, "Wasn't that hand wrist deep in toilet water?"

What follows is some spitting and sputtering and hysterical laughing from Itai. Yuck!


Tiff :o) said...

LOL...thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. :o)

Stella Andes said...

That's funny!

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