Saturday, December 26, 2009

Itai's First Haircut

Neither of our boys made it to the tradition of getting their first hair cut on their third birthday. Itai's day came today. No more hair poking out over, around and behind his ears, no more cute little curl in the back, but the hair poking up between his two cowlicks in the back remains. Good luck with that one Itai! :)
Here he is before, just in case you've forgotten. I'm not sure what the look is all about, but he's still as cute as can be.
Here he is in his little vest.

He looks so different now! My little cutie. Poor little guy, he spent 487 days growing it out and we chopped it right off.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

He looks so much older now! Handsome boy!

Tiff :o) said...

It's a cute haircut on him. Thre years is the tradition? That seems like an awfully long time! Even I get my haircut more often than that. ;o)

Valerie said...

He does look different. :) Still super cute though.

Us said...

I think he looks older too! I can't believe how different it makes him look. Tiffany, the Torah teaches that you can't eat the fruit of a tree for the first three years. That translated into children. They can't taste the "fruit" of the Torah until after their first three years. So to mark the third birthday most Israelis wait to cut their children's hair and then give them their first kippa (yamulka). Debbie wanted to do that, but everyone thought Avi was a girl and Itai's hair poked out funny. :)

Stella Andes said...

I really like the haircut! I don't know why people thought Avi was a girl, but you never know about people. I remember a couple we knew in Colorado when we were there at Fort Carson. They didn't want to cut their son's hair till he got to go back to Louisiana to see the family. However, when he was about 15 months old, his hair was starting to be mid back range, at least if you undid his curls. Now he looked like a girl for sure, and his dad's name was Carol, spelled that way.

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