Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Little Grown Up

This has been a pretty big week for Itai. He hasn't quite turned 18 months old yet, but he's close enough for his first week in nursery. He loved it! A few weeks ago I took him into the nursery to introduce him to the idea so when we walked in on Sunday he was ready to go. I hadn't even gotten to the top of the stairs when Itai started pointing at the ground trying to wiggle out of my arms.

He ran into the toy area and never looked back. I stayed in the wings, waiting for him to notice that I had left him there, but either he already knew or he just didn't care. Either way he was happy with the Elmo phone and the strangers around him. Two hours later he was still having fun and not really excited about leaving.

Later this week he had has first day of day care. Once again he loved it. Debbie dropped him off and he was excited to leave again. When I came to pick him up he was playing on the playground and was really not ready to leave. Neither was Avi. He came with me to pick Itai up and he loved it there.

He also has some new favorite words: fish, cracker and dog. He loves the dog that lives in the house behind us, the fish at Walmart, PetCo and the Aquarium and well crackers anytime, anywhere.
Today he touched a stingray, a starfish and some sort of crab. This is why we LOVE the aquarium! (Everyone but Debbie that is!)
Yay Itai!

(Did you notice that he's even wearing pants in most of the pictures?)


Valerie said...

He looks so cute in all those pictures. I just can't believe he's not a baby anymore. I'm glad he enjoys playing so much that he doesn't mind if you leave him for a little while. It sure makes it easier. Kisses for both of my nephews!

Tiff :o) said...

He really is growing up! Must be so much easier to leave him when he's having fun than if he was crying. I'm glad it is so easy.

Terry Family said...

He is getting so big! I love that he just went to nursery without even looking back -- what a daredevil! That is so great, also, that he was able to deal with daycare O.K. -- I'm sure that was a huge relief (I know the anxiety firsthand of leaving your child at daycare for the first time). Good job, Itai!

Stella Andes said...

He's really getting so grown up! I didn't know he was talking so much. Great! It's great that he loves to play so much that he's okay in nursery and day care! What a cutie. Both boys are growing up so fast and are so cute!

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