Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebration #2 & #3

Avi's party week continued Saturday with a trip to grandma and grandpa's house. We've been practicing blowing out the candles all week and I guess Itai got a little tired of just practicing. He ended up blowing Avi's candles out before the song was even over.
Some very strange and rare things happened at this birthday party. For instance, we have photographic proof that Uncle Jon can smile! Who would have thought. :)

While we weren't able to photograph Alex smiling we were able to get him to pose for the camera. Baby steps I guess.

There was no problem finding pictures of a very happy Aileah. She was smiling and laughing and very playful.

Avi really enjoyed the attention of his cousins. They take really good care of him and he LOVES them for it.

He's so luck to be surrounded by his cousins and one excited aunt! Thanks for helping him open his presents guys.

After all this partying you really need to take a minute to reflect on the past four years and consider the direction of your life.

Party number three was a feast. Debbie's family came over and Avi was once again excited to see everyone. (Thanks Debbie for all the delicious food!) After looking around for a second at all of the party goers he shouted, "Cousins!" He really enjoyed having so many family members around for his big day. There was just one problem with this party, me. I forgot to take pictures! Sorry! Avi had a great time following Tal up and down the stairs and he absolutely loved the cake. This was a pretty busy party week and Avi felt it. You know you've been partying hard when you fall asleep like this:


Valerie said...

I'm glad he was able to enjoy so much celebration! Now Avi and Itai won't know what to do with so few people around not that it's back to just your family at home. Sorry you don't have pics of the other party. It sounds like it was fun (and yummy!).

Tiff :o) said...

Wow, my birthday never stretches for a week. He's a party animal! So many good pics of people. They are always fun to see. Glad he had a good birthday. Sorry I'm a bad aunt and don't send b-day gifts.

Stella Andes said...

It was really fun to have the huge party, wasn't it? I need to post my pics on facebook or something. Love you all!

Us said...

Mom, I think we should do an April-August party next. :) That's a pretty big one.

Tiffany, I hope you aren't being serious about being a "bad aunt." You aren't at all and Avi really doesn't need more things. These two boys have plenty.

Valerie, it was yummy, and messy, and busy! All day today Avi's been saying uncle Robin? Uncle Robin! :)

Steph, Bryce, and Andie said...

It sounds like Avi had wonderful birthday bashes! We also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on our blog... you can never comment too much! ;) I also wanted to tell you that I read back to one of your posts when you talked about how doctors told you that Avi would never do things for himself and he proved them wrong. It was inspiring!

Terry Family said...

What awesome birthday celebrations! Poor Avi was passed out from all of the excitement! There's nothing like playing so hard that you fall asleep in crazy positions. I'm so glad that you guys were able to have so much fun with wonderful family. Happy Birthday, Avi!

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