Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post Party Life

Seriously? A whole week with no birthday parties? No presents? No candles? No cake? (Ok, I confess we've had cake.) What do we do on a week without all of these special events? Well, Abba stresses about tests, giving a lesson and strange sleeping patterns. The boys on the other hand have much better ways of passing the time.
Avi likes his new fancy markers, even if he can't color on his face, clothes or anything other than the paper.

The regular markers, now less coveted, have been passed on to Itai. And as long as he's inheriting markers he might as well inherit Avi's furniture designing skills, oh and Avi's hand coloring skills. Somehow he even managed to get marker in his ear!

Once the coloring is done there is only one thing left to do. Get dressed up, looking cute and on the bus for school. Here's Avi looking handsome in his new jacket. (Thanks for the gifts everyone!) He looks distressed, but he's really just saying, "Bus coming."

How about Itai? Well, with no bus coming he gets to sport a bit more relaxed look. Here he is just trying to get around the house without being bothered.

"Ah man, I can't go anywhere without the paparazzi following me!"


Valerie said...

You have two cute artists there!

Terry Family said...

Looks like your boyz have some mad skillz! Avi looks dashing in his new jacket, and Itai looks like the awesome rockstar that he is. :)

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