Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yeah, We're Cool Like That.

Our family is pretty cool. I don't mind bragging since most of you are members of my family. Let's start with my grandma. Check this out!

That's right, she made all of this. Even though clowns are by nature creepy, these clowns are pretty cute. Avi and Itai think so. Avi especially loves the alligator. He sleeps with it and we often find him cuddled up to it at night. Itai would probably like it too if Avi ever let him play with it.

Now I know you're looking at the picture and wondering, what is that in the back. Can it possibly be? It is! That's right, my grandma made these sweet slipper-shoes!

Here I am trying my hand (or foot) at foot modeling! They look pretty sweet on me, right? :)

Like I said, she's pretty cool.

Avi is pretty cool too. He didn't make anything, but even though he hates getting his hair cut he sat patiently while the stylist asked him over and over how old he was.

She asked him what he thought. Here's how he responded. I think it's a cute haircut.

Then there is little brother. He's a pretty cool guy too. Other than being generally handsome and easy going; Itai loves Elmo.
He loves Elmo enough to try to share a cracker with him.

Elmo could only have one complaint, that Itai only loves him almost as much as he loves Avi. Still, that is a lot.

Wait, what? We're so cool you want to see some more? Ok, don't ask me why they've been wrapped up like this, they just were. Maybe this is their way of asking for the Snuggie Jr.

Have they even invented that yet? If not, I claim intellectual rights and patent properties!

One last shot of Avi's haircut to prove how much he loves it. Itai's pictures are coming next week. Goodbye Alfalfa look!

That's it for now, but don't worry; we'll be back. That is, if I ever find that memory card for the camera.

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Terry Family said...

I love the alligator and the awesome slippers -- your Grandma is one talented lady! I love the haircut, Avi looks so handsome. I love his response to the stylist's question, "How do you like it?" So funny! Gotta love it. Snuggie Jr. -- what a brilliant idea. You know you could go far with that! Itai's cuddling with Avi is so precious -- he really loves his brother. Wow, your family is so awesome!

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