Friday, March 5, 2010

The Many Misadvenures of the Brothers Andes

A lot has been going on in the lives of our little boys latley. A lot! Like what you ask? Well why don't I show you a million pictures of the last couple of weeks? I knew you'd like that.

Let's start with little Itai. He seems like a happy child right? Well not when he's sick (which is something he's been quite a lot lately. Thanks day care!) Thankfully most of what he did...other than cry is sleep. Look how cute he looks when he's sleeping for a third hour.
Grandma's blanket is still a favorite. How can I tell? Well, you don't just cover your head with any old blanket! Serious, only the best blanket can block out a snoring brother!
He also loves his stolen moments on Avi's tricycle. Looks at this proud face. He knows Avi will never know and he loves it!

We were both thrilled to have the sun shining and the temperatures in the 50's last week. *Sigh* Too bad it didn't last...I mean I love the Utah snow. There's nothing like hiding indoors and hoping your car doesn't slide of the freeway. At least we had a few days of sun and sand. Ok, so the sand was at our local playgoround, but still Itai LOVES it!

Can you tell he is surveying his land, looking for the best place to build a castle?

Then there is the pantry. Not only is it totally cool to close yourself in there and wait for a knock on the door, but it also makes a great place to change into your superhero outfit, if there is ever an emergency at least.

For those of you out there who are worried that Itai is getting to do a lot of fun, crazy things and Avi is stuck to plain, boring therapies don't worry. Avi has his secret fun too. After hyperbarics one day Avi and I found three police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck responding to a minor emergency. We walked over and looked at the vehicles and Avi was really excited! One of the fire fighters, seeing the huge smile and possibly hoping to make a future fire fighter out of Avi, asked if he would like to see inside. They let Avi climb in the back and look around.

Then they even lowered the big seat so he could sit and feel like a real fireman. What a nice fire fighter! Then the sherrif gave Avi some sherrif badge temporary tattoos. The only people who didn't participate in making Avi's day were the paramedics. They were busy trying to save some guys life. Can you believe the nerve of some people?! (Actually, the guy called 911 because he was feeling lethargic at a fast food restaurant, but either way, they were too busy for us.)

Speaking of HBOT, it's still going well. I'm supposed to write on their blog soon, but for the life of me I'm not sure what to write! Avi likes it. There's nothing like an hour of your favorite show on earth, your parents not being able to stop you from doing anything and diving in a rocket ship! The picture is really grainy because they lower the lights and my phone's camera doesn't like that.

That's not all Avi's up too. He's busy, even when he's sleeping. We went to an event for the Walk recently and Avi's picture was up along with an old blog entry. People got to see him and read a little bit about his story. They made the frame and let us keep it. What a nice little autism community. :)
One more little thing. Avi continues his little eating quriks. These are little stubs left over after he ate most of an orange. For some reason, he doesn't like eating the very last piece of each slice.

This is what used to be a chocolate covered donut. For some reason the chocolate covered top disappeared.

What have they been doing together? Well, they've started a tradition of group tattoing.

Once the tattoos are cleaned up they move on to the balloons. There is nothing more fun than doing core exercises and trying to pop them with your weight! (The blue one is gone already.)


Valerie said...

Lots of fun pictures! Where was that first one taken?

Us said...

I didn't actually mean to post just the pictures. Now that I've rearranged them I don't know which picture was first. :) Which on were you talking about? Sorry!

Valerie said...

It was the one of Avi's framed picture, but you explained it. I guess I popped onto your blog right as you posted the pictures and before you rearranged them and added the text.

Very nice sheriff and fire fighter.

Stella Andes said...

Great pictures and cute boys! Glad you have fun with them. It's important to enjoy your kids.

Terry Family said...

Such adventures, indeed. What a great group of Firefighters and a Sheriff!! I'm sure that made Avi's week pretty much. That is just so sweet. That's also great that Avi enjoys his hyperbaric treatments -- I'm sure that makes it so much easier for you.

Itai is so funny leaving the last bite of orange. I laughed seeing the remnants.

Boys are so fun and I'm glad that you are enjoying them. :)

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