Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Things Make Me Happy

This week has been a really good week. It is so nice to have weeks like the last few. For those of you who did not hear yet, Avi is back in his therapy program, for good. That's not a little thing; that's a HUGE thing. Another big thing is the amazing difference between last week and this week with him. He is so talkative, so aware of his surroundings and the people in them and so happy. So what are these little things?

Avi's little things:

Avi kept his diaper/underwear dry all night, all day and all night.
I picked Avi up from his preschool and was met with a big hug and a kiss, not his usual here's-my-head-kiss-it-kiss, but an honest to goodness puckered up kiss on my cheek.
Hearing Avi say things like, Bonk toes, kiss better! Want Sesame Street on! Bye!
Spying Avi give Itai a sponteneous hug.
Hearing that he walked up to his two new school friends and hugged them.

Itai's little things:

Everytime he hears a truck drive by he points at the window and says, Truck!
Everytime he hears anything remotely similar to an airplane he points up and looks for it.
I just love it when he says baba! (that's his way of saying Abba, which is what he calls me.)
Watching Itai find himself right at home with new children in a new place, but still coming back to me to show me what he was up to.
Spending fifteen minutes, just the two of us, at the park.

Both boys:
Of course the holding hands thing melts my soft heart.
This week both boys ended up in our bed at the same time in the early morning (curse you day light savings!) but both fell asleep on my arm...and my arm fell asleep right after. As much as my sleeping arm bugged me I didn't want it to end. It's a curse having such cute boys really. :)
We went to the park together and Avi was racing back and forth as fast as he possibly could while Itai was still getting used to walking on the bridge. Itai stumbled and was on all fours. Avi raced by right when Itai tipped and stopped for just a split second to check on him.

One night I mentioned that I wanted something sweet, she went and got it! I protested, but she said she needed to grab some milk for the next day anyway.
I admit it, I like to cuddle. Who knew that some people don't? Well, it turns out that not everyone does...Debbie for example. :) I came home from work and hopped into bed where Debbie was soundly sleeping after a rough night. I cuddled up right next to her but she asked me to give her some room. I turned over to let her sleep. As I started drifting off she scooted over cuddled up next to me.
Debbie never stops working. She works whenever she can (I think she knows she's our only hope.) and when she's home she's cleaning, organizing or doing something to make our home a better place.

Yeah, life can be pretty amazing.


Stella Andes said...

It's good to enjoy the little things -- they are what life is made of. Don't wait for the huge things to make you happy, because you'll miss out on all the important but small things. I love that you enjoy your family so much!

Terry Family said...

What a wonderful week. The little things really do mean so much. It is HUGE, like you said, that Avi is back in his therapy. What a cause for celebration!! I'm sure you are so grateful. It also sounds like it has already help Avi and benefitted his language and interactions. I'm so happy for you guys! I hope that the little happy things keep coming your way.

Tiff :o) said...

It's great to see what a great dad and husband you are...that's no surprise though. You were always a great brother too.

Us said...

Thanks Tiffany. I'm not so sure about that, but thanks. :) Mom, it's easy to enjoy such sweet little boys and an amazing wife. Annie, we're still mad. :)

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