Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite! Or not.

What happens when horrible weather traps you inside for months at a time? Well, you make you own fun.

One of these things is not like the other! Did you find it? It took me a while.

Or you find a hole to crawl in,

or you sleep (or hibernate depending).

The weather lately has been slightly unpredictable, but today it was was warmer and really windy. I decided it was a good opportunity to try to fly a kite. Avi and Itai had other ideas. Avi decided to run down to the neighbor's backyard while Itai thought the street would be an interesting adventure. So I grabbed Itai gave him the kite while I chased Avi down.
Ok, kite take two! On take two Avi decided to stand in our yard, but wasn't interested in the kite while Itai was fascinated with it and got the tail wrapped around him several times. Guess when I decided the kite wasn't a very good idea. You know what is a good, calm idea? Side walk chalk! So I grabbed the chalk and suddenly I had two boys who were very interested.

Ok, so Itai became more interested in bringing chalk to the neighbor's dog than in coloring, but he was still interested.

And in between coloring sessions Avi was feeling what chalk on his mouth tasted like, but he was still interested! (Can you see the chalk on his lips?)

So, what else do you do when the weather is foul? Take pictures of your cute children all dressed up for church! I think they liked their new clothes almost as much as Debbie did! Personally I like Avi's do-I-have-to-smile-grimace.

Here's Itai sporting my attempts at taming his wild cow licks.

One more pictures of the brothers for luck.

Finally, here's Avi saying, "Yay! Another blog post is over!"


Valerie said...

Glad they can have fun in any weather, even if it's not what you have planned. :) They sure look nice all dressed up!

Terry Family said...

Such cute boys! I love their outfits and handsome hair-dos. Flying a kite sounded like a good idea, but it looks like your kids had ideas of their own -- besides, tasting chalk is much funner, right?!

Stella Andes said...

Cute pictures of cute boys! I don't know what time you were doing the kite but it seems like it got really, really too windy for kite flying after a short time. You're such a good dad!

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