Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Boys

Avi and I have played a silly little game for a long time. I say, "Guess what?" and he laughs and says, "Spanky, spanky!" and then dives over my legs to get his spankies. The other day I said it and he did what we always do, but Itai saw an opportunity to get in on the game. He came running over and started giving Avi spankies. Avi and I were both surprised, but only one of us was laughing. I guess it's time to retire the old spanking game.

We were playing in the morning before the bus came to pick up Avi. While we were playing Avi suddenly looked up at me and said, "Want see fishies." Before I had a chance to tell him that we didn't have time Itai was off and running to the door, frantically pulling on it so we could go. I said, "Not today." But it didn't matter to Itai one bit. He pointed to the door and said, "ish! Ish!"

I have wondered for a long time what the world looks like to Avi. The other day we went to Avi's school to talk with his teachers. We arrived a bit early so I thought it would be a good chance to hit up the playground. As we started walking toward the playground he looked out and said very excitedly, "Circle!" I'm really not sure what he saw, but he was really excited about it. We walked a bit farther when he yelled out, "Square!" This time I could tell he was looking at the kickball square. A bit later he yelled out, "Triangle!" I still don't know what he sees, but I'm pretty sure shapes are part of it.

The fireworks at my parents house seemed to have left quite an impression on Avi. They have plenty of nieghbors who use what we refer to as, "Wyoming legal" fireworks. He loved watching them fly up into the air and expolde, whether or not it is illegal in Utah. Even though it's been almost a year since the last time we saw any he still asks about them. Today while we were playing together he looked at me and said, "Want see Uncle Jonny! Want see fireworks!" Sadly, he'll have to wait another couple of months and hope that the neighbors are on their way to Wyoming least for the fireworks; he'll probably see Uncle Jonny before then.


Terry Family said...

You know, there have been several books out there that have been writen by Autistic individuals who describe how they see the world. Temple Grandin, as I'm sure you know, has a book out called, "The Way I See It," where she describes how she sees life in pictures. There's also a book called "I Was Born on a Blue Day," and this guy who has Autism describes how he sees days in colors. Maybe Avi sees life in shapes -- who knows? I always wonder what is going on in Boston's mind as well.

I hope the neighbors make a trip to Wyoming so Avi's 4th of July experience is spectacular! :)

Terry Family said...

Um...I'm pretty sure that I wrote about the wrong Temple Grandin book. I think the one that I'm thinking is of called something like "My Life in Pictures." Anyway, you should know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

your boys are so cute and funny! you always describe such fun adventures. what a cute family you are!

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