Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where It All Started

Avi and Itai both spent some time in the NICU. They stayed in different hospitals (Itai's hospital doesn't really have a NICU) and Avi's NICU had a reunion on Saturday.

Quick break, I wanted to see if Itai would like Robots, the animated movie. This was his reaction. I guess it's comfortable.
After the movie we headed to the reunion. We arrived to see balloons, the Lifeflight helicopter, hot dogs, popcorn, lots of activities, but most important for Avi, a bounce house. There is nothing he loves more than jumping. Is there a way to make his room into a bounce house? If there is a way to do it Avi would be the happiest kid on Earth! Maybe we'll replace his bed with a trampoline, he hardly sleeps anyway. :)
Ok...rant over with and now back to the action. (It's 4:00 in the morning, you think I can focus?)Of course it was raining. There seems to be some sort of law that says our outdoor activities must have rain. Avi started running for the bounce house by way of a generator so I had to run and catch him. The rain created a big marshy area in the park. Avi missed it but I, wearing my new sandal-like shoes, went straight into it. My shoe and sock were soaked with muddy and very cold water. Avi went straight to the bounce house and naturally Itai needed to follow. They were cold, but out of the rain. Debbie and I however were not so lucky. We were getting drenched and cold and my foot as I mentioned was already went and gross. Finally we had enough and decided to pull them out. avi was not very happy about this, but the promise of a brownie held him for a littlle while. We got to see the Occupational Therapist (OT) who saw Avi from birth to around 18 months. She loves Debbie. After eating our brownie Debbie and I decided to leave the cold and wet park. This was the end for Avi; he couldn't forgive us.

As we were leaving we ran into Nurse Debbie, Avi's primary nurse. She took care of him whenever she worked. She really loved him. Debbie and I were a bit nervous about her at first because she bought him a stuffed animal and an outfit and said she just wanted to take him home. :) So we started out overprotective, at least we mellowed out a little bit right?

We had a nice visit with Nurse Debbie. She was really happy to see Avi, even though he was grumpy. She told us how honored she is to have taken care of Avi and how great it was to see him again. Sadly, I forgot to get the camera out and get some pictures.

As we drove away the sun came out and warmed the park and the reunioners who were brave enough to stick around. Just our luck!

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Valerie said...

It has definitely been a wet spring here! But that weather might have been better than the snow today, huh? In that first picture, Avi looks so much older.

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