Monday, May 10, 2010


After pestering everyone I know and as many people I didn't know as possible the Walk Now for Autism finally came (and went). Despite the horrible weather we were excited for the event. Last year our team consisted of four people, our kids, Debbie and I. We raised $60.00. This year we raised over $1600! I didn't get a final count on team participants, but this is most of us. Aren't we a handsome group? All these wonderful people came to a blizzard just for Avi!
Last year the walk was much smaller. There were far fewer people and the walk was just around a parking lot. This year it was 5K! Who would have thought? Most of the team made it just fine, but my cute little niece nearly froze. (Don't worry, she got to go California later.)

I didn't include any of the pictures of the boys soaking wet and cranky as can be, but at the end it started snowing/raining really hard. Sadly, we had to leave before they got to do any of the fun activities there. Here are the boys while they were still dry, relatively warm and happy.

I think I'd rather remember it this way than they way it ended. :)


Terry Family said...

That is so great, you guys! Neil and I really wanted to be there, and we were so bummed when we couldn't go. I am so glad that things went so well. It really is inspiring to see how many people were there to support Avi. What wonderful family and friends you have!

Steph, Bryce, and Andie said...

It looks like it went really well. We were very disappointed that we weren't able to go. What great support!

Tiff :o) said...

You did great raising so much money! And it was so nice of everyone to show up to walk in that weather.

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