Friday, May 21, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

A lot of people have guilty pleasures; something they love to do, but don't want everyone to know about. There are lots of guilty pleasures out there. Maybe sneaking that favorite sweet, a favorite TV show or movie, a secret song on your playlist you don't want anyone to know about or even staying up too late.

Staying up late is one of my favorites. I hate it, but I love it. I have others, but lets go ahead an leave it at that for now. I may have staying up too late on to Avi. He refuses to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I don't mind him staying up late every once in a while. It can be kinda fun seeing him playing while most kids are fast asleep. The only problem is that it makes the mornings very unpleasant. He has to be up early for his school so late nights don't work well. After staying up late one night Avi was fast asleep when he was supposed to be awake and eating or in the bath. Finally, I had to wake him up and send him downstairs. I picked out his clothes while he started down. I found him like this:

That's right, he fell asleep on the landing! He was snoring on the floor. :(

Itai has his guilty pleasures too. First off, he loves being the bully. He doesn't mind pushing Avi off of a slide, away from his spot in the tub and whenever else he wants what have has, is doing or is even looking at. One of his favorite guilty pleasures may be genetic too. He loves snacking. I've cursed him. He really enjoys his cookies, crackers and cereal. He also loves his chips. His favorite are Cheetos. He could eat bags and bags. So what happens when you leave a bag sitting out where he can get it? This:

Ahhh, guilty pleasures. Got any?


Tiff :o) said...

Looks like Itai is geting quite the personality. :o) That is such a cute picture of him with the Cheetos!

One of my guilty pleasures is also staying up late. I want to be an early morning person like Mom but can't seem to switch to earlier hours. How does she do it?? And chocolate peanut butter stuff is a problem of mine. Yum, yum!

Stella Andes said...

Lots of guilty pleasures here, but I feel less guilty about them as time goes on. The picture of Avi asleep and the one of Itai and his guilty pleasure (Cheetos)are so cute! Itai looks like an ad for Cheetos!

Terry Family said...

Poor Avi! Snoring on the stairs. Mornings are the worst when you have to wake up your kids. At least Avi just falls back asleep -- my kids are incredibly grumpy in the morning if I wake them up. Does he still take naps? That might just be the problem, but who knows.

That picture of Itai is awesome -- it really does look like an advertisement. You should send it in to the Cheetos company and see if you can get a lifetime supply. :)

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