Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Avi recently started swimming lessons. He loves it. He LOVES it! The instructor was once a behavior therapist with a local school district and works well with Avi. He trusts her implicitly (I wish I could say the same of me) even though she tells him "Bummer!" when he swallows water or slips under. He follows her instructions as well as he ever follows any and smiles the entire time.

At his first lesson he was practicing swimming with her and his developmental pediatrician was there with his son who has autism. As they approached the side of the pool where all of the gear is stored Avi said something Debbie didn't quite hear, but the swimming instructor and the pediatrician both heard him and said, "Yeah, flippers!" It seems that he had seem them on the side and realized what they are. We have never heard him say flippers before and aren't really sure how he know knew, but they were both positive that he said flippers.

After Avi was comfortable with the teacher and the process we brought Itai along. He loves it too, but he doesn't look like he trusts her any further than he can swim. He has a look that says "Make sure she doesn't drown me!" every time she holds him. Debbie says is all in my head, but I'm telling you if you saw it you would want to scoop him out of her hands! She says Itai is a natural swimmer and will probably learn to swim quickly. He loves swimming too.

Since all of us were swimming we didn't get pictures of Itai in the pool. Instead please enjoy these never before seen photos of Itai at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and the post hunt cake.

As long as they avoid the scuba students who are constantly swarming underfoot like sharks they have have fun. I got tripped up by one of them, though he would probably describe it as me attacking him.

One a very different note, Sahara Cares is coming!! We loved Sahara Cares last year and are so excited to go back. If anyone wants to come party with us this year we'd love the company! And if you know anyone who has a child with autism that doesn't know about it spread the word!


Stella Andes said...

Aha, Jared! You posted something new! Good work, and so fast after we talked about it yesterday! Anyway, how fun to see those pictures. You can really tell Avi loves the water, and Itai was one happy boy in the pictures.

Tiff :o) said...

Love those pics of Avi in the water...he looks so happy. :o) The pics of Itai are, of course, cute as well.

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