Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cookies and Cowboys

School's out for the summer (for me at least) and even though I have more time it obviously has not been spent blogging. Oops. I've spent a fair amount of time reading all the books I didn't get to read during school, trying to find adventures for us, playing some Wii and trying out a new pastime.

Debbie has been spending this time working full time. That's right, 40 hours a week. It's been a big change for us, but Debbie has been awesome at home and at work earning the admiration of her supervisors and her subordinate (me).

Avi and Itai have been as active as ever. Avi has been has been progressing at school and even went on a field trip. We hear he loved it. His therapist left Utah for her wedding and won't be coming back. She was really good with Avi, but he's still doing well in his therapies without her. At one session his therapist gave him a box of juice. She was trying to persuade him to talk about it so she mentioned that Cookie Monster was on the box. She kept talking about Cookie Monster, imitating him, singing about cookies and so on. Then they moved on to something else. Eventually he wanted his juice back so he said, "Want drink!" Then he paused for a second and said, "Want drink cookie!" Debbie and the speech therapist realized what he meant at the same time and started laughing. He was happy to drink his cookie juice.

Itai is continuing to learn and grow. He is fascinated with just about anything mechanical, but he especially loves trains and garbage trucks. He's also learning about people. For instance he recently learned about cowboys and they cool things they get to do. Our little town has no shortage of belt buckle bearing, cowboy boot and hat sporting men. We were walking into the grocery store when one of these men came out. Itai looked up, gasped and said with all the decibels of his toddler excitement, "He have horsey! He ride horsey, Abba!" I smiled and whispered, "Yeah, you're right." The man just stared at us while Itai didn't take my whispering hint. Then he shouted, "He a cowboy!"

So the last month has been a fun mix of growing, playing, reading and cookies and cowboys.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Sounds like a pretty great month! Love your little family!

Stella Andes said...

Your boys are growing up so fast! I love hearing about their progress! I'm so glad that Debbie is enjoying her job too. Enjoy your reading, Jared.

Tiff :o) said...

lol, your boys are funny. Maybe Itai will grow up to be a cowboy! He can work on my ranch. ;o)

Valerie said...

Never a dull moment at your place!!

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