Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aloha School Year

Avi's school year ended and with it ended his years of preschool. Starting in August he'll be a full fledged elementary school student. Who can believe it?

The last day was kind of a blur... The last day of school ended with a luau. Itai was very excited to get to go to Avi's school because he loves playing with the Mac Truck from Cars and he even found a Doc "The Hornet" Hudson this time. He was also really excited for his Hawaiian shirt.

Avi didn't seem to think much of his Hawaiian shirt, but he really didn't want to wear the leis. After the limbo and hula lessons there was a little ceremony. Nine of the 10 boys in the class are moving on to Kindergarten. Some of them will be staying at Pingree while others are moving to public schools or different agencies. Avi was given a "Promotion Certificate" and an award for being the class acrobat.

Avi stayed pretty laid back during the most part.

Itai joined in the fun for coloring and snacks.

Avi wasn't entirely entertained by all of the program. Itai learned to say, "Aloha!"Congrats to our little graduate!

Now party!

Debbie kept saying she was feeling kind of sad about the end of the school year. She was asking if I felt sad and honestly I just felt excitement because I'm really proud of him; he's really done a great job. Then, just before everyone left (a few of the boys were gone) there was an impromptu class picture. Suddenly I did feel kind of sad. I spent a fair amount of time in the class and really liked the teachers and the students. Suddenly it was clear that this was the end of the year and we'd probably never see many of these kids and some of the teachers again. Suddenly the words of my end of year program were actualized and it struck me.

In Gratitude

Ten little boys apart from others,
Bound together, by fate made brothers,
Once more in boyish union combine
‘Ere the bands of brotherhood resign.

Through the door they so oft passed
They gather in upon their last
Perhaps ne’er to combine again
This band of boys, these brothers ten.

These boys forever in your debt
Whose voices cannot express as yet
The purest thanks you deserve to hear
As teacher, friend, and sister dear,

Voice in silence and a grateful heart,
Through smiles and tears as they depart
The thanks not understood by others
Save you few who forged these brothers.

Avi had a great year and we owe a lot to his teachers and classmates. Thanks everyone!


Valerie said...

Fun way to end the year!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

You can tell Avi loves his teachers and his school! It looks like a great time for all the kids... and nice Itai could join in! Love the poem!

Tiff :o) said...

Did you write the poem? It's so well done. It looks like Avi was REALLY into limbo. :o) He's staying at that school, right?

Us said...

Tiffany, I did write it. Thanks. :) He will be back in summer school next year and next year, provided we find the funding!!

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