Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Makes a Splash!

My utter failure to find someone to take the boys to the pool fortunately did not keep them out of the pool long. Their lucky enough to have a mom who was kinda enough to take them to the pool. Itai was so excited he shouted, "Water! Water!" The whole way to the pool. Avi was excited too. He was shouting, "Swimming! Want swimming!" Avi really enjoyed himself in the water. He was a VERY far cry from the boy who was so anxious in the water that he barely moved a muscle beyond blinking and letting his teeth chatter. When we were California in May he was just terrified of being in the water. Today he was splashing and laughing and talking up a storm.
Itai really liked spending the evening in the pool. As you can tell he thought it was a little cool. He seems a bit like a duck. His little legs kicked quickly underneath his little raft as he shot across the water.
Oh, and did I mention the splashing? It's the best! You can't have more fun than that. An entire pool just to the three of them. It's the perfect place to splash and yell.
Or just have a nice relaxing float across the shallow end.
Is this a lot of pictures or is it just me? Well, I had to do something while I sat on the sidelines waiting for them to tire of the pool or for time to end, which ever came first. Ok, for me to play the bad guy and drag them kicking, screaming and gnashing teeth.
But back to the pool. Debbie was a great pool buddy. She kept them very happily going around the pool. Avi loved it so much he yelled out, "Circle!"
There was only one down side to the pool. The water apparently doesn't taste very good, at least Itai didn't think so.
Avi didn't think it tasted good either. Oh yeah, there is nothing more on a warm summer evening than a splash in the pool.
Especially one with a great mommy.


Tiff :o) said...

They look so happy! And the pool looks so refreshing. I can't believe you won't get in!

Terry Family said...

Jared. Take off your shirt and get in the pool -- if Neil can do it, YOU can do it! :) Your wife sure is nice, isn't she? :)

Your kids look like they had a blast. I love the picture of Itai splashing in the water with a huge grin, and I love the pictures of both of them tasting the water -- so funny! I love summer!

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