Saturday, June 5, 2010

We Rocked Chuck E. Cheese

What do you get when you combine place full of lights, sounds and enough games and cause a hyperactivity induced comas in at least 100 children and one boy who is afraid of the rides and one who can't get enough of them? A circus! Ugh. I thought I could do it, but it turns out I needed two more hands (or just one more of me) just to get around comfortably, four more hands to have fun and get some pictures in.
It started off ok, just a quick Avi block at the buffet and we were back to having fun. Avi wanted to spend most of his time in the playground high above the floor. Itai couldn't climb up and I didn't enjoy trying to slither up the ladder with him in my arms. So I came up with a plan. Strap Avi in a ride and hope he liked it. I'm sure you can see from his face and his white knuckles that he loved it. :) One round up and down and he said "All done All done!"

Ok, so Avi thought the ride was a little freaky, but maybe timid little Itai would like it a bit better.
Maybe not. Such fraidy cats we've raised! Itai isn't as tense, but as you can see he didn't trust that thing one bit. While Itai and I waited for Avi to come back down the slide I thought we'd try another ride. He liked this one a little bit more, but it was no comparison to the tiny carousel they had. Sorry, no pictures, like I said I needed one more of me or a few more arms. In the end we found a game they both liked. The little coin launcher thing turned out to be both fun and profitable. They loved launching coin after coin and watching the tickets fly out. After seeing how many tickets they got I was a little sad we left so many of them for other kids. Avi and Itai weren't very interested in the ticket earning games so I gave up on collecting the tickets. Then suddenly we had over 100! Oh well, now we have a lot for next time...after I clone myself...or con one of you into coming with me!


Stella Andes said...

That was mighty brave of you to do that. I would come with you next time if you do it when I'm not working! Such cute boys!

Terry Family said...

I can't imagine taking my two boys to Chuck E. Cheese's all by myself. You are one brave man! Sometimes outings don't always turn out as fun as you imagine them in your head. Although Avi had an iron grip with white knuckles, I'm sure he had some fun amidst it all. What a great dad you are!

Valerie said...

I bet Debbie was jealous that she didn't get to be there with you. I used to take Alex and Elisa there and all over by myself and you just get used to the crazy running after them and needing more hands. The hardest for me was always the grocery store with Elisa in the cart and Alex holding my hand and then taking off around the corner. Just look at it this way--two is easier than three or more. :)

And your little fraidy cats could still grow up to like heights and rides. Alex has. Elisa still not yet. Sabrina hasn't ever had fears of anything like that.

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