Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waiting for Summer

The nice weather has been a blessing and a curse. We've loved being outside but it makes it really hard to wait out the end of the semester! Here's a quick update on what we've been doing. Of course, we still visit the fish and the penguins. Itai loves the sharks and the big fish. They just swim too quickly for my camera phone.
We decided to try eating outside in the nice sun. Avi and Itai split a hot dog. Both enjoyed it, but Itai mostly enjoyed the buses, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and helicopters that we all over.

Avi enjoyed all of those vehicles, but in the end his favorite was the bicycles. He doesn't look like he's happy about it, but he was...I promise.

Yesterday I looked back and found Avi sporting my beanie. I left it back there a while ago, he found it and decided he needed to wear it.

And of course there is the infamous owie incident. Avi reached into an opened can of green beans looking for food and got himself a cut. He came running in saying, "Kiss it better!" It wasn't bleeding immediately and didn't start until Debbie was kissing it better. Ok, so the cut was pretty tame, but it was the first really owie Avi has ever had so it was pretty big in our house. Here's his little band aid. You can see he was cuddled up with Ima while he calmed down, well fell asleep actually.

What was Itai doing during all of this? Well he was crying pretty hard too. Why? Avi got a band aid and he didn't. Here he is happily band aided up. I think this is payback for me doing the same thing to my parents!

Happy is the finger that gets the band aid without getting the cut.

In happier news Avi has learned to swing on the big boy swing...again! He, as you can clearly see, loves it!
I know I already posted this picture of Facebook, but I really like it.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Looks like some fun adventures, minus the cut finger! Love seeing pics of these cute boys.

Terry Family said...

Wow, Avi has really gone 4 years without getting an owie?! I guess our house must be a pretty dangerous environment -- my kids seem to be bleeding all of the time (for real :)

I love that Itai was crying so hard because he wanted a band-aid. So cute!

How did you do that awesome picture at the end? Is that really the moon? It is a really great picture.

Stella Andes said...

I love the pictures, especially that last one and the first one at the aquarium! Fun pictures! Sorry about Avi getting hurt. Good that it wasn't any worse! Itai is funny. He caught on early about how special it is to have a bandaid! Of course, he idolizes Avi, so if Avi gets one, he wants one.

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