Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's Weather? More Please!!

I think it's pretty sad to be excited for 50 degree weather in April, but I couldn't have been happier to see clear skies and warm-ish temperatures. Is it too embarrassing to admit that I honestly considered pulling out the inflatable pool for the backyard? Oh well, I did. The only reason I didn't was because Avi and Itai were too grumpy without hypothermia! So what did we do with this warmer (and apparently temporary) weather? First off was a trip to feed the ducks. I guess I wasn't clear about the purpose of our trip to the pond because Avi kept trying to walk right into the water. Itai still loves the ducks, as long as they don't hiss at him like the goose did. I didn't have the camera with me for the duck pond, but it turned out to be good, because Itai was so tired that he was stumbling around and I barely saved him from taking a dip a few times.

After we ran out of bread and the seagulls came swarming for leftovers we headed to the park. Both Avi and Itai were really excited to get running in the sun. Itai was so excited that he went face first and ended up with a mouthful of wood chips. Avi managed to climb the whole climbing wall before I even knew he was there! There were some older boys there yelling, "Look out we're big boys!" Avi thought they were hilarious, but Itai was wary of them. He seemed to be afraid of being trampled.

There's one of the "big boys" running by.

After spending way too long at the park we came home to cook and clean (that's right! My children are slaves!). Apparently the park was a little more exhausting than I thought. Avi just collapsed.

After a quick nap and finishing dinner it turned out we still had some time before Debbie got home. We used it to take a quick trip to the backyard for some more fun. Itai started tantrum when I tried to bring him in for a jacket and one of the neighbor kids yelled out, "What the heck!" Once I stopped laughing I finally got him inside and got his jacket on. (Later tonight I saw him in the back of a cop car getting a stern lecture so...what the heck to you!) :)

It was so much fun that even Debbie got in on the action!
Today was so nice! I hope we get a few more like it!

Oh and did I mention Itai got a hair cut? For some reason they thing a sticky sucker and hair everywhere is a good combination.

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Valerie said...

Gross thought about the sucker! But cute everything else. And Debbie even let you take some photos. :)

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