Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Old Friend Returns

Avi's keyboard died a little while ago. Nothing serious, just dead batteries and a really lazy dad. Itai mourned the loss too actually. He loves stealing it from Avi. After many sad looks when they tried to play it an couldn't (and even more reminders from Debbie) I finally got around to replacing the batteries. I told Avi to go play it, but he had learned not to bother with it anymore and wouldn't listen. When I finally got him ot try this is what it looked like:
"What? This thing? It's broken, remember?"

"It's a miracle!!"

Two thumbs up!! (And a lot of sun in the face!)

To sum it up, Avi was really happy to have his piano back. Thanks Tiffany!


Terry Family said...

It's amazing what a few batteries will do! I, too, am guilty of not changing the batteries as quickly as my kids would like. Looks like you made Avi's day, that's for sure! Such a handsome boy!

Tiff :o) said...

lol...I love that pic with two thumbs up. So cute!

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