Saturday, November 7, 2009

What to Think? *Updated*

Sorry, I forgot something I wanted to mention about Itai.

Avi has had a busy school year (busier than most 3 year olds), he left one preschool to begin a new program, began HBOT and started speech therapy. His days are pretty busy and he sometimes falls asleep on the bus, poor guy. He is a trooper though.

So, what has all this business brought about? It's hard to say. I will say that we've seen some changes in him. I'm a little emotionally invested in the whole thing so I have to admit that I'm not a impartial on his progress. I guess I'll let you be the judge. Since we've started all of this I've noticed that people who aren't always around him can understand him more easily, and I can too. We've noticed that he has more expressions. He says things like, "Hey! What did you do?" and "What does Quincy say?" so clearly now. He is so goofy and happy lately too. He loves to play and laugh. He loves being chased and tossed. One thing that we've been happy to see is how calm his body has become. His arms are much more relaxed than they've been in ages. he used to flap like crazy at meal time, now he sits and eats so nicely. Yesterday he even picked up his cup, drank from it nicely and set it back on the table. I almost cried! Lastly, he looks us in the eyes so much more now. We were sitting at the table the other day. He was eating and I was reading. He was talking about his puzzle while I kept reading. He repeated himself over and over getting louder and louder each time. I repeated what he said but he repeated it again. Finally I looked up to see that was starring me in the eyes waiting for me to look at him. As soon as I did he repeated it one more time smiling that he finally got me to understand. I looked at him while he played with his puzzle and realized I was smiling too. I realized that we had reached a new place.

So, is it real or am I just an overly invested parent with an overactive imagination? I guess time will tell.

Itai has had a busy year too. He's been dragged everywhere Avi has gone and then some. In the last few weeks he has started changing too. We were sitting down to eat with Debbie's family. I looked at him and realized he was signing "eat." So cute! Now he's signing, "more and bath." My personal favorite is his sign for prayer. He folds his little arms so cutely that I just want to squeeze him! What a cutie. One other thing he loves doing simply melts my heart (easily done, I know). He buts his hands up around his head and turns his body. It took my a while to figure out what exactly he was doing until he did it when I started singing "Once There Was a Snowman." I love it! He smiles so sweetly when we sing it for him.

On a less happy note he has learned another skill, fighting. He and Avi have certainly learned to compete. They push and pull and wrestle they're way on to my lap. It's cute in such a bad way. It's funny that I love it, but I love to see them doing things a "typical" child would do! But more on that later.


Valerie said...

He really is a busy guy, making the whole family busy. :) It's great that you've been able to see some improvements with Avi and that Itai is picking signs up so he can let you know what he wants sometimes. That's always nice. I know you and Debbie will be so blessed for all the extra busy-ness because of your dedication to your boys.

Stella Andes said...

It's so cute when they do things they hadn't previously done. Sounds definitely like they are both making progress! You are doing so much running around, but it all has a purpose. You're going to see the fruits of all this labor, and it's good to know you are already seeing it.

Tiff :o) said...

I'm so happy that they're making progress, especially Avi! That's great! When does life slow down a little for you?

Us said...

Tiffany, I think when I die! :) Today we found out Avi qualifies for summer school too, so summer won't be any slower.

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