Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little Buddy

Itai has become my little buddy lately. He gets so upset when he sees me wearing my scrubs. He runs up to me and insists that I pick him up and carry him with me everywhere I go. If I'm facing the cabinets he squeezes himself in between me and the cabinets and pushes me away, looks up and pushes his hands up towards me saying, "Uh, uh!" This is Itai-isian for "You will pick me up!" I really like having a fan. He's a bit like the "my little buddy" I had when I was young, only better. He really makes me laugh, he gives great hugs and kisses and best of all if he gets paint in his hair it isn't stuck forever!

One of my favorite things he does is his sudden visits. He'll be playing with whatever toy or book and he'll suddenly pick it up and bring it over and plop down, make himself comfortable and share it. Then, just as suddenly as he came, he leaves. I love having a crayon-eating, juice-guzzling, kiss-giving, messy-making little buddy. I hope that when he's older he'll still stop by unexpectedly and share whatever he is involved in with me. Being a dad is sooo much better than owning a My Little Buddy Doll!


Tiff :o) said...

Cute pics from both of your last posts. Avi is getting to be a sneaky boy! Itai insisting that you pick him up when you're wearing your scrubs reminds me of how the older girls would do that to Dad when he put on his uniform too.

Valerie said...

Wow! I remember how much you loved My Little Buddy so you really must love those boys. :) Of course!

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