Monday, August 13, 2012

Hut, Hut, Hike!

I have a very short break from school.  I have been trying to make sure we are able to do something fun before I turn my life over to school, an internship, and homework.
This was the first break.  He was trying to find a rock he wouldn't slip off of.
Avi's hair got a little strange after I put water in it to help him stay cool.
Today's adventure?  Another hike.  This time I was determined to make it to our goal: a swim in the scenic and oddly spelled Cecret Lake.  As we drove up the mountain I watched the external thermometer slowly drop.  It went from 89 degrees down where we live, to 62 degrees in the mountain.  I was a little worried it might be too cold for the hike, but the weather turned out to be perfect.
They found a nice bench.

On this hike, both boys were excited to go.  Itai loved spotting chipmunks along the way, while Avi loved running up steep hills.
This picture will be one of my favorites of these two for the rest of my life!

We finally made it up to the reservoir only to find a sign saying there is no swimming. :(

So instead we ate our snacks, drank our drinks and just relaxed.

After we got home and the boys devoured lunch we hit the pool.  We hadn't been in a while and it was obvious that Avi had missed it.  He was swimming all over the place, begging to be thrown and pushing me underwater so he could see me blow bubbles.  Itai learned that you don't need goggles to see underwater and with this new skill begged to play a new game: Spiderman flying.  He asked me over and over to throw him so he would hit the water upside down because, obviously, that's what Spiderman does?

Good thing they got their good looks from Debbie!
After our long swim it was time to make dinner.  Tonight's dinner was sweet and sour chicken.  Typically, I let the boys free play while I cook.  They did at first, but then Itai came up to me and asked if he could help. It was so fun to have him standing next to me on his stool.  He stirred the peppers while I made the rest of the dinner.  We talked about the food and superheroes, and I was in awe of everything this little guy is becoming.
I loved this little tree growing our of a rock.
Finally, after dinner we made chocolate dipped pretzels and pineapples.  I should have known that my healthy kids would have preferred their pineapple chocolate-less.  They did eat a few with chocolate, but soon enough I had no pineapples left and a bunch of melted chocolate left over.  Not to worry, I found a good home for it.
The reservoir we couldn't swim in.

On the way home
We had such a good day, but there were two things we missed.  First, poor Debbie was working hard and late trying to make up for an unexpected day off Friday.  Secondly, in the back of my mind I knew there were few days of this fun left until next summer.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

looks beautiful! your boys are so adorable... and growing up too quickly. hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your short vacation without dreading the start of school.

Tiff :o) said...

I am jealous of your hikes! What a beautiful place to see. So fun that the boys got to go and enjoy things in their own ways.

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