Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Birthday!

Another year has passed and Itai just keeps growing.  He has grown and changed so much this year.  He is an amazing little guy.

In keeping with tradition, I asked Itai his birthday questions.

"What are you afraid of the most?"

"Ghosts, spiders and bats, because bats are scary, but the Holy Ghost is a good ghost!"

Baby Itai
"What makes you happy?"

"When Avi, abba, and mommy are home."
1st birthday!
"What do you want most?"
"An Optimus Prime birthday cake!"

Two years old!
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"An astronaut"

3 years old and happy!
"What is your favorite place?"
"A restaurant place.  Chuck-A-Rama"

"What do love most about mommy?"
"That she loves me."  
This doesn't seem fair to me.  He loves that she loves him?  That makes it easy for her.

"What do you love most about Avi?"
"That he loves baths."

"What do you love most about abba?"
"That he plays with me."  See?  I have pressure on me to stay loved!

"What is your favorite thing about you?"
"That I help Avi eat his food."  (One of my favorite things about him too!)

Then he just suddenly started telling me things about himself without being asked or prompted.

"My favorite color is black.  My favorite number is 5 and 10.  My favorite food is ham, my favorite drink is chocolate milk and grape juice and I like candy."

I asked him if there was anything about him that he wanted me to know.  He said, "I like Transformers!"

Happy birthday Itai!!


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Great tradition! I want to start it with Aileah! Happy Birthday, Itai! such a great guy!

Valerie said...

So cute.
I was looking for a fun card to send him in the mail, but didn't find one at a couple of stores and then forgot to try the next day so didn't send a card. I didn't realize he liked Transformers so much and there was a Transformers card. :(

Tiff :o) said...

Love his answeres. Happy birthday to him!

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