Monday, March 5, 2012

Trisdesimt?! That Means 30!

This week is supposed to be a kind of big week for me. I'm told that turning 30 can be pretty difficult. So far so good, but I still have 364 days of being 30 to go. Maybe it's because I lost my hair a long time ago and never had any looks to lose, but I think I'm doing ok with it. I'll keep you posted on any sudden changes.

But, because 30 does mean something (I'm not really sure what yet) I thought I should write something for the occasion.

First, I willing to admit that I'm not a finished product. I am not yet the person I hope to be and I have not accomplished everything I hope to accomplish. Maybe that's why I'm ok with turning 30: I don't feel like I've reached my peak yet. Yes, my knees are bad and if my high school me could see what has become of my stomach I'd probably punch myself, but because the last 30 years have been so good to me, I believe the future is bright.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my wonderful parents and siblings who kept me alive and heading in the right direction. Not to mention humble, well slightly more humble than I would have been.

I owe another debt to my wife and children. Debbie has been patient and kind when I haven't deserved it and...shall we say "motivating" when I needed it. Avi and Itai are the children I needed and I seriously don't know how I ever got by without them!

To all my family and friends: thank you for thirty years of memories!

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Tiff :o) said...

Happy birthday! I didn't find 30 to be anything different, myself. I still feel like I'm 21. Sorry I added to your humility in a mean way when we were younger. I wish I could eat my words. :o(

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