Sunday, February 19, 2012


Avi had his birthday this week. He has had a really great week. When I left for work last night he said, "See ya tomorrow." He's been so expressive and playful lately. I love seeing all of the
changes he's made over the last few years. It hasn't been easy and an outsider may not recognize all of them, but I love his little victories.
We went ice skating with my sister Valerie and her children yesterday and I loved watching the smiles on the faces of my beautiful children. They were so happy and both worked so hard to try to skate on their own. As I watched them I was again taken by a feeling I've had a lot lately. Time is really, really precious.
I wish I could get paid in time. More time with Avi just as he is now. More time with Itai asking, "Why?" More time cuddled up in bottom bunks and story time nervously perched on the top bunk. I wish I could have more time with a little boy who tells me, "You're so funny," "you're super strong," and my favorite, "Abba, you're my friend." I wish I had more time with a little boy who surprises me in the middle of the night with cuddles and hugs, who smiles at me when I walk into his classroom and who constantly surprises me.

I wish I had more time to relieve stress for my sweet wife. I wish I had more time to plan, scheme, joke, laugh, and sit on the couch doing nothing with her. I wish I could give her the surprises she deserves.

Money is great, but I wish I could get more time.

Even as I wish I could capture these moments in a bottle forever, I realize that if time didn't pass I would never have known the moments that I love today. Today's moments come from all the moments, good and bad, that preceded it. I can't wait to see what moments come next.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

I feel that way too! my biggest fear having Eli is that i won't be able to give aileah the time and attention she deserves. you do so much for your family! i hope you can enjoy more time with them soon. but glad you can enjoy the moments with them

Tiff :o) said...

Time is precious and seems to go by faster with each passing year. It slips by whether you are ready or not. You are a very talented writer!!

Diana said...

Beautifully said. Time goes by way too fast. But it certainly makes you appreciate the time you do have. I am sure you are an amazing father and husband. I am sure they love every moment with you.

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