Saturday, January 8, 2011

News to Me

Avi and I appeared very briefly on the local news this week. This appearance fits in perfectly with the new year. How? Well, my appearance on the news led me to a New Years Resolution:
"Don't ever appear on TV again!"

There are several reasons to avoid TV cameras.

1. I was terribly, terribly nervous.
2. I sounded like an idiot.
3. My voice should NOT be preserved for posterity.
4. After watching the clip a coworker looked at me and said, "You look cross eyed."
5. My own brother teases me about being, "Shaky voiced."
6. My coworkers in the emergency room seem to think I owe them ice cream for being on TV. (I don't understand either!)

Yeah, I'll stick to anonymity.

So, here's to one New Year's resolution that will be pretty easy to accomplish!

As for the Wakefield study, the most upsetting part of the entire thing is the fact that this study fueled the guilt that many parents feel. Then there is the fact that the limited resources available for autism research have been deliberately diverted away from other studies that could have actually found the cause.


Valerie said...

You (and other people it sounds like) are way too hard on yourself. We thought you did a great job. Elisa said you didn't seem nervous at all since I told her before we saw it that you said you were nervous. And you didn't sound like an idiot either. It was fun to see you both!

Stella Andes said...

You sounded very articulate and not at all nervous. Also, your voice is not at all awful, and I don't know why you have been saying it is.

You look really good, not cross-eyed, and you and Avi did a wonderful job.

I hope the cause of autism can be determined, and until it is, there are many people out there whose feelings you gave voice to!!!

Tiff :o) said...

As you already know, I think you were very well spoken and didn't seem nervous at all. How rude of people to say bad things about you...I'm sure they would have been insecure had that been them too. But I didn't notice any of those things.

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