Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avi's Good Fortune

Avi has been extremely lucky to have wonderful teachers at school and at church. He (and we) haven't always been so lucky, but this year he hit the jackpot!

First off, at school his team of teachers are very caring and concerned about him. They are also very good at communicating with us. They involve us in the decision making process in every step and make sure that every thing they do is in Avi's best interest.

At Church his teachers were a wonderful couple who were very proactive in learning what they can do to help him in church. Beyond that they participated with us in the Walk for Autism. Whenever we printed off some information or gave them a suggestion they ran with it. They were recently asked to help out in a different capacity so they will not be Avi's teachers anymore. We were incredibly sad to hear they were moving on. But before they left they told us they want to stay involved with him and participate in anyway they can. They even said that if we don't call them to babysit they will just show up!

We owe all of his teachers a very sincere thank you. So to all of you, thank you so much!

Dear Teacher

Taking my son’s hands in yours
You do not take his alone.
For when you take him by the hands
You also take my own.

You hold my hopes, my plans, my fears;
You hold my every whim.
In fact you hold my very dreams
When you are holding him.

To place his hands into another’s
Is not so easily done,
But hands like yours are perfect made
For a child like my son.

Hands soft enough to comfort,
Yet strong enough to guide,
Hands which show daily,
Your quiet strength inside.

Please accept these words, though weak,
As no mere platitudes
But truest expressions of my thanks
And endless gratitude


Terry Family said...

What a sweet post. Teachers mean so much in your child's life, and it always so nice when you have such wonderful people interacting with them. I know first hand that good teachers make the world of difference, and I am so glad that you and Avi have been able to experience this as well. Also, I LOVE that poem -- did you write it?

Tiff :o) said...

You have such a gift wit words! I'm so glad Avi has been able to have such loving teachers. I hope his new teacher(s) is just as good!

Us said...

Thanks you two. Annie, I wrote for Avi's teachers and we gave it to them along with some Andes candies for Christmas. :)

Diana said...

This is beautiful! You are extremely talented.

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