Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying to Recover

First there were visions of sugarplums,
Then there was a quick message about the nativity.
Yeah, those are bows on the candies and on the vase of ornaments. We decorate just about everything around here. Then there was a flurry of paper, bows, ribbon and toys. Looking back I remember smiles and a huge mess. The presents ended up in one area while a hug pile of the leftovers were left in the corner. Months of shopping, planning, hiding, wrapping and anticipating ended in a few moments of feverish tearing and to to the cheers of, "More presents!"
Luckily for these two spoiled children the gift giving ceremonies were only getting started. They still had trip to grandma and grandpa's where they would be spoiled by aunts, uncles and cousins alike.

The end result? A home that has more toys, books, movies and clothes than spaces to hold it all! Not to mention two little boys who can't go an inch without finding something to play with, climb in, read or wear!

They've even had time to reinvent the Nativity scene.

Thanks Santa!

And everyone else for making Christmas so much fun!


Terry Family said...

Such fun Christmas pictures. I especially LOVE the beautiful smiling picture of Avi. So cute!

I think it's cute that Itai got a cabbage patch doll. Does the doll include a birth certificate with its name on it? I had one when I was little whose name was Karlotta Ranotta, and Neil had one whose name was Wally Oscar. So funny. :)

How does Avi like his trampoline? I remember you saying that he really enjoyed it at his school (or therapy?). I think we totally need to get one for Boston.

We're glad you had such a great Christmas and that your kids were so spoiled. It's worth it to see those beautiful smiles, right?

Tiff :o) said...

I really like the addition of the cars in the nativity set worshipping at his feet. ;o) So glad they had fun. Good luck with finding space!

Valerie said...

You could always put some of the stuff downstairs and rotate it. It works for some people. :) It looks like they had a lot of fun. I hope you and Debbie did too.

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