Saturday, November 27, 2010

We're Back

Another pilgrimage to Disneyland is completed. This time our group was eleven members strong. That's right. We walked around Disneyland with two strollers, one electric wheelchair and eight people on feet. As you can imagine getting around as a group was an experience.
I'll spare you all the gory details of our trip and just discuss a few highlights/low lights.
Avi's tantrums are reaching epic proportions. The first few days he was so agitated at not being able to use the bathroom when he wanted (he still had major anxiety about public bathrooms) and not eating the foods he was used to. Also, it was a little bit cool there so he wasn't very comfortable. The first two nights he had major meltdowns and abruptly ended our nights. The third day Avi peed in a Disneyland potty twice. He was so much more comfortable that we were able to stay in the park as late as we wanted. Then the fourth night he used the potty the whole day. We lost count of how many times he used it! He lasted the whole night long and was so comfortable he was actually able to enjoy the parades, the rides and especially the company of his cousins. Going potty in a public bathroom opened up so many doors for Avi and we couldn't be more proud of him!

Itai wasn't interested in the potty. He was very interested in the magic of Disneyland. He loved the rides. After Pirates of the Caribbean he said he wanted to be a pirate. He loved seeing Buzz Lightyear and begged to give him a hug. Most of all he liked seeing Lightning McQueen. As he passed us on the parade route Itai's eyes lit up and a HUGE smile broke on his face. He reached for "McQueen" and wanted to hug him. It was so cute! He also loved spending time with his cousins. As we walked home one night he started saying, "More cousins! More cousins, now!"
Other than those things we had rode the rides, ate the food, wore ourselves out and had fun.
Most of these pictures were taken by our niece/cousin Amber. Thanks Amber!


Valerie said...

Way to go, Avi! Great photos. Glad you guys got to have such a great time.

Tiff :o) said...

Somany good pictures! You must go to Disney more than people who actually live near it! Lucky boys.

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