Monday, October 25, 2010

Say What?

Having gotten fairly accustomed to having a child who is nearly nonverbal I never really thought I'd have on of these posts, but what do you know, he spoke! Itai is talking nearly nonstop now, so he's bound to say things to make me laugh. Oh and Debbie, she's said a thing or two as well.

So what did Avi say?

Well, after his surgery when he finally started eating again he bellied up to the table to enjoy some chocolate ice cream. He slowly started eating his ice cream. He was in obvious pain and discomfort. After eating a bit he suddenly said in a deep and scratchy voice, "Disneyland?" We promised him that we would go, but first he had to get better.

Of course, Itai has to have everything Avi has so we got Itai a bowl too. Itai climbed into his chair, looked into his bowl and said, "No." We asked what was wrong and he said, "Poopoo!" At first we thought he had a dirty diaper, nope. He pushed his bowl away and said, "No! Poopoo!" Eventually we were able to convince him it was ice cream, but he still didn't seem to want it.

Now it's Debbie's turn. There is a little boy in Avi's class who calls me daddy every time I go volunteer. One of the teachers could tell that I wasn't exactly comfortable with this so she helped him repeat my name several times. He still calls me daddy the first time he sees me, but then I ask him what my real name is. "Jared!" We saw him at the fun fair with his parents. His dad is about my height and his head is shaved. Debbie saw him, turned to me and said, "No wonder he calls you daddy; you look just like him!" Zing! Clearly his dad is extremely handsome.

Today Itai was playing downstairs while I was upstairs putting the laundry away. I had barely gotten to the top of the stairs when I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs. I came running down to find out what happened. He scrambled up into my arms and said, "Truck!" I asked if he hit his head on a truck. He said, "No! "Fraid! Fraid! Truck!" It seems the garbage truck made a loud banging sound when it picked up the dumpster. Itai wouldn't let go until he had seen the garbage truck and realized it wasn't crashing into the garage.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

what a fun post! wonder what they would write about you ;)

Terry Family said...

"Disneyland?" Avi is one smart kid -- he knows how to get his way. :) That's cool, I hope he recovers soon.

It sounds like Itai is really talking up a storm! That's great! I bet it feels really nice to hear his cute little voice.

Stella Andes said...

I absolutely love that picture of you and the boys! this was a really fun post! So glad you had fun!

Tiff :o) said...

That is a great picture! I'm glad your kids keep you entertained...and what a good husband always doing so much around the house!

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