Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Fair!

Avi's school sent us a flyer announcing this year's Fun Fair. We weren't really sold on it until we saw these words, "Bounce Houses." Let me translate that for you, "Avi's Heaven on Earth." Ok, we had to go. There's nothing like adding extra fun to a really busy weekend, but a bounce house is something we couldn't forgive ourselves for missing.

We packed up and headed off to the fair. Other than Avi suddenly singing, "Saba, Saba" (Grandpa in Hebrew) when he thought we were heading there it was an uneventful ride. Who would have imagined the chaos that would ensue after this peaceful start?
When got to the school and didn't see any fair. We wondered if we weren't in the wrong place so Debbie went in to investigate. I parked the car and started to get the boys out. I had gotten both kids out when Debbie made her way back. She asked if I had locked the doors and I said no. I wondered to myself, "What was the reason I didn't lock the doors?" Oh well, on to the party!
Avi was in love! The school had rented out three huge bounce houses. Avi started in the dragon house. Itai saw it and said, "Dinosaur" and didn't want to climb in at all. We got to talk with one of Avi's teachers for a while. We found out that her nephew has autism and she'd volunteered at the school with him before he left the school. Now she's working there and she told us, "It's hard, but I go home rewarded every single day." It's truly nice to know the people to whom we've entrusted our son are good, kind people who really do care about him.

After Avi saw the inflatable slide he moved away from the dragon. Itai wanted to slide too, but the stairs were so steep that he couldn't manage. So the unfortunate slide had to deal with me pounding it as I climbed up the stairs and then went flying down the slide after Itai.

I would have liked to have had more pictures, but I was kinda busy going up and down with the other. . . er, with the children. But I was lucky enough not to have to pay to use the slide. A boy at the top was demanding money from each child to use the slide. When he asked me i told him I didn't have any. He said, "I'm the manager, but it's only pretend money." I told him I didn't have any money, but I was a pretend police officer. After that Itai and I had a free pass every time.

I was pretty tired from climbing and sliding over and over (Avi and Itai were not) so we decided to break for lunch. Itai was happily drinking his water, but Avi wanted his juice so we needed to get it from the car. That's when it dawned on me. The reason I hadn't locked the car was because the keys were still in there. Oops!
Can you see them there? It's kinda hard to see, but there they were taunting me.
I'll glaze over the horrible locksmith story and just say it's a really good thing that Avi's school has a great playground. Our little guys were so patient while we waited and waited.
Avi takes his play very seriously.Itai too. I guess they were all smiled out.
Finally the doors were open, we were in the car and on the road.

P.S. Avi had an appointment with a photographer today. She's doing an exhibit to raise awareness of autism. Keep posted for an update on when and where the exhibition will take place. Just don't hold your breath, it might be a year or so.


Valerie said...

How great that there was something so fun for the boys to do as a family. But I'm so sorry about the keys. I'm really paranoid about locking my keys in so I usually double or triple check. Of course, with little ones you have a lot of other things on your mind and to do with your hands.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

glad you were able to go to the fair. sorry you locked your keys in the car... but at least you had a fun place to hang out while you waited. such cute boys!!!!

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